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Cost Calculator

To determine your costs:

1) Determine how many minutes on average it takes to perform each of the functions under Carrier Selection, Dispatch, tracking and Freight Bill Audit.
Only choose those functions that you perform.

2) Enter the average labor cost per hour with benefits in 'Cost per Hour'.

3) Click 'Calculate'.
The result provides the average cost per shipment transaction to plan, execute, and administer shipments. You should keep this cost in mind when evaluating strategic alternatives for your logistics operation.
Carrier Selection
Determine Mode
Look up rates
Contact carrier (LTL)
Contact carrier (TL) equipment
BOL (hand written)
BOL (update)
Apply PRO number and record
Hand write pallet labels
track status
Notify client
Notify customer service
Freight Bill Audit & Payment
Open bills and batch
Audit bills
Correct an invoice, notify carrier
Apply GL codes
Update accounting system
Obtain POD
Quantify for check run
Check run
Generate envelope
Handle carrier payment calls
Define Costs
Cost Per Hour
Cost Per Minute  
Total Minutes  
Avg Cost Per Shipment transaction  
Total Cost Per Shipment transaction  

This tool is designed to help you determine
your back-office and administrative shipping
costs per transaction.

It's not unusual for companies to spend 5 to
15% of their logistics budget managing and
executing the shipping process.